What is this?

This is a place for evaluating works of fiction.  Plot, accuracy, character, dialogue, imagery, rhetoric, musical score, special effects: it’s all fair game, although the focus is story elements more than technical aspects.  The main purpose of writing these things is personal therapy to vent rage and indignation, not to mention as a counterargument to different opinions.

However, you too may find a use for them.  If you’re considering renting a movie, picking up a book, tuning in to a program, or whatever it might be, the commentary here might encourage or dissuade you.  There is plenty of reading material for any of those people who enjoy reading reviews and literary analysis for the sake of it, such as the one writing this.  Close examinations allow you to see what a certain story is like and what its implications are without having to suffer through it yourself, and for those who have ever been bothered by an unjust misrepresentation or a problematic message, you can find vindication and support.  Also, if you disagree with anything posted here, you get to see why you’re wrong.

It’s not always positive, it’s not always negative, but it should always be honest.  You’re obligated to comment and correct the matter if anything falls short of true.  Given a rational enough argument, anything is up for revision.

Seeing as this is an About page, the origin story should figure in here somewhere.  It all began as a driving need to articulate all the problems with the movie Contact.  It didn’t matter who heard; it just needed to be said.  That brought back memories of how much fun this activity can be.  Judging narrative elements piece by piece.  Mental stimulation.  Emotional catharsis.  Bloody revenge, without the ethical repercussions.

The material for evaluation is not restricted to films, but thus far, those are what have been the most convenient.  To end up here, it need only be easy to locate or access, somewhat interesting, and tolerable enough to endure (this is the difference between a bad story that fumbles its plot and a bad story that’s just… boring).  Suggestions welcome.